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How Do You: Count number of same text data occurrences in a field?

Question asked by Pstone on Nov 15, 2012
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How Do You: Count number of same text data occurrences in a field?


     What i'm trying to do:

     I have an inventory database. The main database is an entry for each 'asset' we own. In this database there is a field, "MODEL #". This "MODEL #" points to a "MODELS" relational database for pulling up info on that one model such as a picture of it, dimensions, weight, power requirements, etc

     On the main search screen where people can view everything, specific model names, etc., I have a single line listing that displays:


     What I would like to accomplish is on that line have a "QTY OWNED" which would equal all the models of the same MODEL # so we know how many we have. This number would most likely live in the "MODELS" relational database but I'm having trouble figuring out how to have that number dynamically be kept up to date.

     So if we own 50 of say model # "A", even if a search reveals less than 50 results of that model, each one will still say 50.

     I can get this to work with specifically sorting a search set by "MODEL #" then using a summary field but that's not what I want, I need this number to be always "ON" and accurate without the need to sort so it needs to be a static calculation.