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how does FM store images in the database?

Question asked by DonorTracker on Jul 24, 2009
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how does FM store images in the database?


I generally have FileMakerPro 10 Advanced Mac store my images and pdfs in containers via a link to the file, rather than storing the image/pdf in the database. This keeps my database small and easy to backup, and the image/pdf files accessible should anything happen to the database.


But recently I thought I would store small, thumbnail-size images photos of the people in my dataset inside the database. The images are only 10K jpgs, so I thought, "what's the harm".


But I was surprised to find that each time I add a new 10K jpg, my database appears to grow in size by about 100K.  So my question is: how is FM storing these tiny images, and why does it grow so much, and is there a better format to use than jpg?  I'm open to gif, png, or whatever.