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How does FMP Advanced Kiosk work?

Question asked by wilz on Dec 4, 2012
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How does FMP Advanced Kiosk work?


     IS this how the FMP Advanced Kiosk feature works????

     Say I have have 5 computers, and they are all networked (in an office) 

     One computer has FMP Advanced, and I create a database on it. I then create a  "runtime stand-alone Kiosk" and install it on the other 4 computers.   The other 4 computers can access the FMP Advanced Database through the kiosk (and update / make recoreds on it). 
     The Limitation of Kisok is that there is no actual abaility to "modify" the database (i.e. make tables, change appearances etc... 

     OR do I have to get a license for all 5 computers?
     I read the help files, but im just a bit confused still. 


     from FMP Help: 


A FileMaker database that runs full screen, without toolbars or menus. Users click buttons to navigate. In FileMaker Pro Advanced, use the Developer Utilities to create Kiosk solutions. You can bind Kiosk solutions into stand-alone runtime solutions.