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How does Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName) works?

Question asked by JeanDENOEL_1 on Aug 1, 2010
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How does Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName) works?



I'm using Filemaker Pro 10.

My purpose is to have a number of buttons "hidden" behind a picture (in fact, I'm using an image of a dental arch and would like each "tooth button" to return its number).

So, I thought I could assign a name to each of these buttons (like "tooth11" for example) and have them all perform the same script with only their name changing. For this purpose, I thought Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName) could do the job, but it doesn't, I always get a null string...

Anyone to help me?



PS On the picture shown here, the " buttons " are on top but the image should be brought to front once all the programming will be done