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    How easy is it to transfer data to new DB



      How easy is it to transfer data to new DB



           Hope someone can help with whats probably a very basic question.

           Suppose I build an initial database containing several tables and several relationships.  After several months i decide to add enhancements and update the interface a little. Instead of working on the live database i manipulate a copy of the original empty database, so it now in effect becomes v2.

           Is it easy, without going into too much technical detail to transfer the data from the original database to the new version 2, maintaining all the existing relationships. Would i have to manually remap fields even if none of the original  have changed or is it an automated process?

           Many thanks for any help


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               Import records can copy the data from a table in your old table to a table in your new file. Do this once for each table and you have copied over your data. This can be set up as a single script so that you just run the script and the data is all copied over from all tables.

               But if you have any auto-entered serial number files, their next serial value settings will need to be updated to be at least one number greater than that of the largest value just imported. This also can be scripted.

               And it's possible to set up your database so that many updates can be deployed without any importing of records if you use the Convert to Seperation Model.