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    How I connect two fileds Conditionaly?



      How I connect two fileds Conditionaly?


      like I want to check mark a field or write something in it and then it would affect other field(s)...for example; I have this task that has "start" check mark field and has "finish" or "end" check mark field. If I checked the "start" one it would change the fill in color of "End" field to be red.

      I know how to make the change of color for fill in; thanx to
      beckett85; but I don't know how to connect these two (or more) fields.


      thanx in advance...


      more questions to be asked ;-) =)

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          Can you give a more detailed example?


          I can't quite picture what kind of "connection" you want. Do you want fields to be visible and/or editable if the right checkbox is clicked or something else?

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            File maker snapshot


            as you can see in the above pic; what i want to do is to make sure if any of field# A; Food; has been checkmarked then the relevant field B would turn on to be a "fill in" Red color. And if I checkmarked the relevant color it should backto its original color. I can do that for the field itself; like in field# 5; Name. It's red becuase it is empty and I used the right click "conditional formatting" command to let it go by red as long as it's empty. But I don't know exactly how to connect two fields to affect each others as field# A may affect relevant field# B.


            Any idea? script or the same right click option

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              Let's give your fields some table and field names for an easier discription of the solution.


              I'll call the table, needs and Field A "Assigned" and Field B "Completed", with the text field to it's right called "notes". You can substitute your own names in place of these.


              If all you want is a color change, use the following conditional formatting expression on both the "Completed" and "Notes" fields:


              Select the "formula is" option instead of "Value is", then click the specify... button that appears.


              Not isempty(Needs::Assigned) and isempty (Needs::Completed)


              Select red as the fill color for both fields and you'll see these two fields change color to red when assigned is clicked and back to the original color once completed is clicked.


              BTW, I would display all these "needs" entries as related records in a portal for easier reporting purposes.