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    How is this possible?



      How is this possible?




           I clicked on the Refresh Values button before creating the snippet.

           In the snippet the test ($$Ctr > $$StartID) evaluates correctly as being false with $$Ctr = 3 and $$StartID = 4.

           However, the test ($$Ctr >= $$EndID) shows as being True even though $$Ctr equates to 3 and $$EndID equates to 13.

           FWIW: I am also using the Troi Dialog Plug-in 5.5.7.

           Any thoughts?


           FMP 12 Advanced

           Windows 7 Home Premium



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               Sounds like the values are being evaluated as text data instead of as numeric data:

               "3" > "13"

               is a true statement as the "3" character is 'greater' than the "1" character.

               Try using GetAsNumber to force the values to evaluate as numbers instead of text.

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                 I had overlooked that the Troi Dialog captures input in its dialogs as text.

                 Therefore the function GetAsNumber as you suggested solved my issue.

                 Thanks again Phil, you rock!