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How many levels of related table fit on one Layout?

Question asked by basilisk2 on Aug 18, 2010
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How many levels of related table fit on one Layout?


I need to show info from three related tables and can't work out the best way to so this. I've played around a bot with different ideas, but none of them work out. The core task is to show which Fund of which company belong to which client.

Client is the top level table, FundCo is next, FundName is last.

Client --< FundCo --<FundName

My first thought was to add a Portal to a Layout based on Client, but that would only give me the Fund Companies the client has a relationship with. How do I add the Funds from those fund companies? I thought of adding a button to the layout for each line in the portal that when clicked shows the related Funds for each Fund company, but it would be best if it were possible to show everything in one place, not separated. I couldn't get the button idea to work anyway - I got an alert saying there was nowhere for the info to be shown in that layout...

Any idea where I should begin? I'm flummoxed!