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    How many Mondays



      How many Mondays




      I need to find a way to calculate the number of monday between two dates.




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          It would depend upon whether you wanted inclusive, for instance, Date1 is 12/7/2009 and Date2 is 12/21/2009 and you start counting forward on 12/8, you would have 2 Mondays.  But if you count the 7th (inclusive), it would be 3 Mondays.


          Exclusive:  Div ( date2 - ( Date1 - Mod ( Date1 - 1 ; 7  ) ) ; 7 )

          Inclusive: Div ( date2 - ( Date1 - Mod ( Date1 - 1 ; 7  ) ) ; 7 ) + ( DayOfWeek ( Date1 ) = 2 )


          I believe there are prettier calcs around but this is what came to me this early morning. :smileyhappy:


          UPDATE:  Yeah, no doubt Comment's calc would be more elegant.

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            Hi LaRetta,


            The "inclusive" worked. If you don´t mind can you explain the logic on the Mod part? "Mod ( Date1 - 1 ; 7 )"


            Many Thanks


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              Mod() per FM Help … Returns the remainder after number is divided by divisor. 


              Dates are numbers of days since 1/1/0001 (which was a Monday ).  It is more difficult to move forward/backward using DayOfWeek() because, if you go backwards through the days, it doesn't switch from 2 to 1 to 7.  Mod() allows jump (and span) through week boundaries.


              Mod() tells us the left-over days after the division by 7 on any date eliminates all full weeks.  I wanted to jump back to the prior Monday always to begin counting forward.  I couldn't use Mod ( start ; 7  ) + 1 instead of Mod ( start – 1 ; 7 ) because that would have jumped me forward if the start day was Sunday as would DayOfWeek ( start ) + 2 or even DayOfWeek ( start - 1 ) + 8.  I could have also used DayOfWeek ( start - 1 ) + 1 but just tend to focus on using Mod() more than DayOfWeek().


              So, after dropping back to prior Monday, I subtract the difference from the end date and divide by 7 to give total number of full weeks (Mondays).  I am not a DateMaster; I just enjoy working with dates.