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    How many records being browsed...



      How many records being browsed...


      I want my client to see how many records they are currently browsing. It would be the same number that is shown in the FileMaker menu bar at the top of the window, as shown in the attached screenshot...

      The new field/text would say something like:

      ...You are currently viewing "????" records.

      How would I do that?


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          get(foundcount) shows the number in a selection.

          You can gry using a global calculated field with that as the calculation and set it to refresh when needed.

          If that doesn't work then create a script that puts it into a global field or variable and use that script as a trigger for on record load on record enter, etc. You'll have to test to see which works in your procedures.

          You could also use some of the gets to show:

          Record Nbr of xx selected of xx in table

          Filemaker 12 makes it even easier as you can insert the Found Count into a variable using in layout mode: Insert:Other Symbol...:FoundCount and so on.

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            For FileMaker 11 and older, I'd define an unstored calculation field with get ( foundCount ) and then insert that on the layout as a merge field along with layout text to produce:

            You are currently viewing <<YourCalcFieldNameHere>> records.