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How many tables, relate to what table  HELP

Question asked by CornelioSantos on Jan 30, 2013
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How many tables, relate to what table  HELP


     Im a volunteer for nonprofit organization and I asked if i could work on creating a centralize database, this agency has for offices through out california.

     Although I was not sure what I was getting into, Now i know the basics of databases and of FM

     #1 : Must

     This NPO offers varius services to the community and they want to keep track of every particpant( demographics) that visits the officee for any type of help, as well as the workshops they participate in. 

     #2: ideally i would like to create a database that will make things easier for them.. so i want to design something like...

     Now after some research I have found that most NPO have 3 types of costumers ( participants, donors, and volunteers) all of which are equally important.  of course keeping all tables of the participants will need to stay but how to incorporate the other two ( volunteers and donors into one database). Would be goos idea or no? Overall how many table do i need and how do i relate them to each other, which to which. I gave this to much thought and I think am going over my head