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How modify calculated field

Question asked by tedH on May 27, 2012
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How modify calculated field


How do I auto enter a value into a field, yet allow that field’s value to be manually modifiable?


For example, assume I have a database of only two fields: City and State. In City field I have radio buttons listing all the cities to which I sell. The State field is a calculation field, using “case” to automatically fill in the appropriate state name depending on which city is selected.


What if I want to override the data in the State field and manually enter a different state for that city?


In Layout mode, Format > Field Control > Behavior (which allows manual entry) is available for text field, but not calculated fields. Similarly, creating a new Field, by calculation making it equal to the value of the State field, accomplishes nothing as it is also a calculated field.


I have FM P, v. 12, for Macs. Any ideas. I’m stumped. Thanks.


Ted H.