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    How secure is Filemaker 10 on Snow leopard



      How secure is Filemaker 10 on Snow leopard


      Dear all,

      I am a surgical consultant looking at possibly investing in filemaker 10 but I have a question regarding the security. I need a database programme (ideally as easy to use as Bento for what I need) but one that is significantly more secure. I would be using it to store patient records and confidential information on a laptop and would need a fully secured and encrypted database capable of storing image files, word documents and information. Can Filemaker do this?

      Many Thanks


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          Thank you for your post.


          One of the features of FileMaker Pro is assigning accounts and privileges.  You can set an account to access all data.  You can set other accounts to view only certain data, or just not create any other accounts so nobody can get into the file without a password.


          For more information, look in the online user's guide for Accounts and Privileges.  Or, look on our online documentation - Chapter 6:




          Let me know if you need any clarification.



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            Hi Jim,


            Another in the medical field finding the virtues of Filemaker!  I too am using a mac for clinical data.  Just a few belt and braces suggestions; firstly, ensure you are registered if needed by data protection laws in your country as an individual.


            I would recommend encrypting your home folder  on our mac, System preferences/Security, then use a good alphanumeric password to log onto your mac.   That should ensure you are abiding by data protection Law for all your data (doc xls ppt etc).


            If you are going to keep confidential patient data on another drive (either hard drive or memory stick) create an encrypted .dmg file to store your data in.  The instructions are on the Apple site.  


            Kingston do a really good selection of 128bit encrypted memory sticks, I have one for Windows provided from work.  They also do an encrypted memory stick that you can use on both PC and Mac.


            As far as  I am aware, Filemaker is being used in some NHS Trusts in the UK for collecting clinical data.  Filemaker has even won awards in the NHS!


            I have just set up a clinical database using Filemaker in a large hospital setting.  This is primarily for uploading statistics to government in addition to the usual clinical audit and research.


            What I have done is given myself and my lead clinician administrator rights, and the rest of the team have data entry only access, this means they cannot muck about with the database trying to put things in they shouldn't 


            I am running the database mostly client based - for  large datasets it is much better than the instant web publishing.


            The database is great - scan/pdf your op notes - put them into a container field and hey presto - who needs paper notes anymore?  


            Well, we know what it is like trying to get the notes   


            Message me if you fancy a chat about what we have done.


            Best wishes