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    How should we do this?



      How should we do this?


           Hi guys! 

           Im setting up a database for all our properties so we can keep easy track of rent income etc.

           Now im struggeling with the following situation. A property might be rented for lets say one year, after that it might be empty for two months, and be rented again. so after a few years you can have various periods of rent that would together make the rent revenu complete (along with other field i set up)

           What would be the best way to create a option to enter those rent periods that might come? We would like two dates:

      •           rent date
      •           vacant date

           I think you'll get where I'm going, if im still unclear, please let me know!



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               Designing a database for a specific purpose is common. More experience with the database leads to "Could it do this".

               Designing for a worst case scenario (Client with two addresses, or 3 email accounts or 5 phone numbers) is often time saving over time.

               You have months, with incomes, from addresses.

               You have renters, rent date, rent amount, amount received, date received, move out date, damage deposit, pet fee, etc.

               Creating the necessary tables (three? four?) and relating them for the reports you need is the trick.
               RENTAL, Renter, Monthly, etc

               This list of FMP links (the first 5 especially) would be worth the read.


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                 Ok, so I would need to create the following if I understand correctly:

            1.           create a table for rent periods and connect that fk to the __pkPropertyID
            3.           Create two fields in that table: start date and vacant (end) date
            5.           add those fields to the layout of the rent period table.
            7.           insert a portal in my property layout with the fields from the rent period table and allow creating records via property layout and such.

                 I can later add fields such as 'months rented' and 'rent revenu for this period' etc right?

                 please let me know if this it the right and best way to achieve this.