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How to  automatically fill "Member ID" fields on diverse tables from one main related table

Question asked by LarryStokes on Nov 19, 2010
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How to  automatically fill "Member ID" fields on diverse tables from one main related table


I have a membership database with "Member Information" being the main relational table. I have other tables "Dates", "Addresses", "Contacts", etc.  All of the tables have a filed named "Member ID" which is the relational source for all tables. I made a "Members Data" form or layout the using the fields from "Members Information" table as the main source with tabs and fields for each table so I would be able to input the data.

My issue is as I create new records in the "Member ID" field, in the main "Member Information" table and then go down to the either of the "Dates", "Addresses", "Contacts", etc tables fields I am locked out of the "Dates", "Addresses", "Contacts", etc tables.

I'm never locked out of the fields on the main "Members Information" tables because it is the primary relational table.

**If I instead go into the "Dates", "Addresses", "Contacts", etc tables and input the relational "Member ID" number first which relates to the "Member ID" in the main "Membership Information" table, then I can go back into the main form and the "Dates", "Addresses", "Contacts", etc is unlocked and I am then able to input data as properly designed and purposed.

Problem is that would mean I'd have to go into every table "Dates", "Addresses", "Contacts", etc which is presently over 15 and manually input the "Member ID" for every table which is over two hundred (200 members X 15 tables = 3000 repetitions) before I will be able to input data from the Membership Form that I created. I know there's a fix that will allow the "Member ID" fields of the "Dates", "Addresses", "Contacts", etc tables to automatically fill in from the main "Membership Information" table. I just don't know how.

 I would also like for the "Member ID" data in the "Dates", "Addresses", "Contacts", etc " to be able to be able to be changed, updated or deleted whenever I change, update, or delete the data from the "Member ID" field of the main "Membership Information" table. I hope I explained this properly and thoroughly. Please help me...