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How to "Add a New Document" into "Research Notes" imported records?

Question asked by FilMaker on Jun 9, 2011
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How to "Add a New Document" into "Research Notes" imported records?


I am using the "Research Notes" template from the Starter Solutions.  I added some fields on the "Notes" section (the first tab), and made some cosmetic changes, but otherwise it is the same as the template.

I imported my records from an excel spread sheet.  On my excel sheet, I added columns for every field and container (leaving them empty) because it makes it easy to import since the fields are all aligned alphabetically with Target and Source fields, therefore I didn't have to drag the correlating fields.

I am trying to "Add a New Document" for some of my records, but when I click the button, it sends me back to the "Notes" tab.  However, when I open a New Record, and click "Add a New Document" for this new record, it works as expected.  When I click "Edit Layout" I can see that the directions for both are identical, so I don't know why one works but the other doesn't, nor how to fix it for the records i've imported so that I don't ahve to create a new record (and cut and paste the other contents) whenever I want to add a document.

ANy advice?