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    How to "Lock" the header in a layout



      How to "Lock" the header in a layout


           I have 2 questions

           1) How do I "Lock" the header and/or the footer in a standard layout so that it is in a fixed position and only the body scrolls when needed?

           2) I have a report layout which has a header, a subsummary and a body.  The layout is set to slide up and fits as many 

               groupings on a page as it can. The problem is the page break.  I would like the subsummary header to appear on the  

               subsequent pages and I can't seem to find the right combination

           The  pages appear like this:

           Page 1   date

                       Joe Shmoe

                                     task 1

                                      task 2

                        Mike Moe

                                      task 1

                        Steve Schmeve

                                        task 1

                                         task 2

                                         task  3

                                         task 4   

           (and if this is the end of the page the next page starts where it left off....)

               Page 2 date                                                                   I would like to see:    Page 2      date

                                                                                                                                                    Steve Schmeve                            

                                             task 5                                                                                                            task 5   

                                            task 6                                                                                                             task 6

                            Nancy Schmancy                                                                                              Nancy Schmancy

                                              task 1                                                                                                          task 1

                                              task 2                                                                                                          task 1

           Basically have the appropriate data in the subsummary part be repeated with each new page. This is a list I print out on paper and the continuing name is helpful so I don't have to keep flipping back to the previous page. I am writing in by hand now...

           I went through Filemaker Help, I couldn't find anything on ether of these but I'm probably not using the correct FM terminology.  

           All of your help is greatly appreciated.


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               1) use a list view instead of form view. If you don't want scrolling the window to scroll to other records, limit the current found set to just the current record. This may require adding your own navigation buttons to move from record to record in this table.

               2) This isn't really possible to do in FileMaker unfortunately. Without the sliding layout objects, it is possible to get a bit "cute" with using the number of records and sub summary parts to calculate what will "fit" on a given page, but trying to calculate the vertical space when one or more layout objects slide up and resize is nearly impossible to do. (In theory, you could do it using specialized layouts, getLayoutObjectattribute and a script that loops through your records while previewing each record individually to gather the needed data, but such a method would be very complex and slow.)

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                 1) List view won't work (for me) because the information in the header that I want fixed is unique to each person and I have list with a global date that I can click the person's name and it goes to that related record on that date. This function is more important than what I had hoped to do with the header... at least for the design right now. Limiting the found set to that one record would be counter productive overall. It would be too easy to enter data into the wrong person's record...

                 2) there is no rhyme or reason trying to calculate the vertical space because each person will have a different number of tasks and there is no way to account for that .... oh well, it's not that big of a deal to write in the name on each page.  I'm just always looking for ways to make Filemaker do the work :)

                 So onward and upward!

                 Thanks for the prompt response!


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                   1) I see nothing in what you describe that would keep what I am suggesting from working.

                   2) that's not quite what I meant. You CAN count the number of records and sub summary layout instances that make up your report. that's actually quite possible using a script that loops through the found set of records in your report. Where this become virtually impossible is determining how much vertical space is required for each record in the found set when you use "slide up/resize" fields as part of your report layout.

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                     1) How do I go about limiting the found set to the current record?

                     2) I guess I didn't say what I meant.... the problem is the page break, I don't need to count the records.  But I do understand what you are saying with regard to counting.


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                       1) in a single user database:

                       Show All Records
                       Omit Records
                       Show Omitted Only

                       In a multi-user database:

                       Set variable [$ID ; YourTable::PrimaryKeyField]
                       Enter FInd mode [] ---> clear the pause check box
                       Set Field [YourTable::PrimaryKeyField]
                       Perform Find[]

                       Either method isolates the current record as a found set of just that 1 record.

                       2) yes but counting the records is one way to force your own page breaks at the appropriate spot so that a sub summary layout part is not left as an 'orphan'. at the bottom of a page--all this though is pretty much a moot issue given the fact that you have sliding fields.

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                         I did it both ways, the first script works as intended and will be very helpful with the ipad.  I also tried the second script.... it locked the header in list view but not before it took me to a new blank record... but this is only for me to use...so mission accomplished!

                         Many thanks!



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                           If you want to debug the second script option, let me know. I use that method fairly often so I know that it works.

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                             Thank you!