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How to "Lock" the header in a layout

Question asked by KatG on Dec 11, 2012
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How to "Lock" the header in a layout


     I have 2 questions

     1) How do I "Lock" the header and/or the footer in a standard layout so that it is in a fixed position and only the body scrolls when needed?

     2) I have a report layout which has a header, a subsummary and a body.  The layout is set to slide up and fits as many 

         groupings on a page as it can. The problem is the page break.  I would like the subsummary header to appear on the  

         subsequent pages and I can't seem to find the right combination

     The  pages appear like this:

     Page 1   date

                 Joe Shmoe

                               task 1

                                task 2

                  Mike Moe

                                task 1

                  Steve Schmeve

                                  task 1

                                   task 2

                                   task  3

                                   task 4   

     (and if this is the end of the page the next page starts where it left off....)

         Page 2 date                                                                   I would like to see:    Page 2      date

                                                                                                                                              Steve Schmeve                            

                                       task 5                                                                                                            task 5   

                                      task 6                                                                                                             task 6

                      Nancy Schmancy                                                                                              Nancy Schmancy

                                        task 1                                                                                                          task 1

                                        task 2                                                                                                          task 1

     Basically have the appropriate data in the subsummary part be repeated with each new page. This is a list I print out on paper and the continuing name is helpful so I don't have to keep flipping back to the previous page. I am writing in by hand now...

     I went through Filemaker Help, I couldn't find anything on ether of these but I'm probably not using the correct FM terminology.  

     All of your help is greatly appreciated.