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How to :container field "slideshow" multiple images

Question asked by JoeLeMonnier on May 17, 2014
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How to :container field "slideshow" multiple images


     I've got a parent table with a portal to a child that contains a couple of text fields and a container with a photo.The container window sits to the side in my layout. Each record of the parent displays the multiple child rows in the portal but only the first row (record) of the container. I can scroll through the portal rows and open up their (child) record , but cannot  find a way to just show the pictures associated with that portal row in the container portal while remaining in the parent layout.

     I'm looking for something simple with a button that advances the images.

     I've tried as a single portal with all fields and as two separate portals with text in one and just the contain field in the other but cannot make the container show anything more than the first record in the child.


     Any help is appreciated here. I am new at this, very new.


     Below is a sample. As you can see it displayed the first of two maps. I'd like to be able to display the other(s) using with buttons or a slideshow effect.