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how to accept signatures into filemaker

Question asked by med on Apr 16, 2012
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how to accept signatures into filemaker


 I need to be able to have customers sign  and have the image of their signature be stored in a table so the questions are:

1. I am assuming there are some signature capture devices that hook up to the computer usb port but how will I be able to accept their output into a layout object instead of the normal keyboard entry.

2. What kind of object should I use for that on the layout.

3. In the table I would store that image in a cantainer field, is that correct?

4. For file maker go on an ipad how will that work? Can you just draw in the container field or how do you enter this signature?

By the way I just switched from fm11 to fm12 (which I regret but I am stuck I cannot go back or I will losse much of the work done)