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how to access fmp 11 remotely?

Question asked by alexjedi on Dec 1, 2010
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how to access fmp 11 remotely?


Hello all,

 I am new to FMP 11 and there is a bewildering array of features. I want to answer my most basic questions by myself before I start bother you folks here with redundant newbie questions. So I will ask a couple of easy questions and if some kind person can direct me to some basic articles on this subject I can do my research and then come back if I need some more help.

Basics first.... I have a wiresless network at my office. It is all apple product of various models and OS's. FMP 10 is installed on all the machines and I have an upgrade to FMP 11 for them I have not installed yet.

I have a HP/WIN7 netbook with FMP 11 fully installed.

I want to be able to take my netbook anywhere (not in the office wireless environment) and be able to access the database and do my work from where ever I happen to be.

I have scanned the forums and read numerous posts about remote access and IWB etc. that involve port forwarding or external hosting services. It gets confusing. I should be able to figure out most of what I need to do if I can get a push in the right direction. Also, I would like to avoid having to pay for another service(external hosting) if possible.

I DID get something to work the other night with an IP address, through my firefox browser, but have learned today that it only worked because I was on the office wireless network. It didn't work while I was sitting in Starbucks this morning. In addition I dont want the limited functionality of what I saw in the browser window, I would like to access the FMP database on the office network using the full functionality of the program installed on the netbook. I'm close... so close

Thank you in advance for your time in this