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How to accomplish a task

Question asked by PerryYoungblood on Jan 14, 2014
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How to accomplish a task


     I have a filemaker database of about 2300 colleges.  The base data I've downloaded from Dept of Ed. ipeds site and added various other fields over several years.  i want to add to my information about each college the majors that the college offers. The data is available in its own file from ipeds; in this file, there are records, one each, for the college, the major and the degree (bachelors, masters, PhD, etc.). So, for the several thousand colleges, there are 240,000 records in this file.

     So, I can import this data to a table and link it to my file of colleges, by the college id. Then, how can I do a query to identify the colleges that have a particular major awarded at the bachelor's level.

     Here's what the majors table looks like:

     College_Id, Major_Code, First/Second Major, Degree, and other stuff I don't care about

     So for a typical college, there are 60 or 100 records