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How to add multiple related records of data into one table?

Question asked by JanCornell on Apr 2, 2010
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How to add multiple related records of data into one table?


I am very new to working with Filemaker and databases in general, so please forgive me is this a very dumb question; I am busy building a relational database for a laywer-kinda firm and I've hit sort of a 'brick wall' in the design proces of this database. I am using Filemaker Pro 10 on a Windows XP Prof OS.


I've created a table with laywercase information and what I would like to have on this table is the possibility to add multiple victims or accused people unto it (sometimes there is 1, sometimes there are 20 - it can greatly vary as you can imagine). what is the best way of doing that?


I allready thought that maybe I need to create two extra tables like 'victims'  and 'accused' or something and make sure that all the people and their related data (name, current adres, status, etc) are located in those two databases, but then how do I add as many as I want unto this table for the laywercase information? and how can I freely add more then 1?


I hope my question is clear - looking forward to some feedback - thank you very much for your time in advance!


Regards, Jan Cornell