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    How to adjust text inset?



      How to adjust text inset?



           Could someone please tell me how to adjust the text inset of fields?

           I have a layout where the text inset differs between fields (see image). I have searched, and tried every option I can find, but can find no controls for the text inset. This is not the same as margins or indents, as all are set to zero in this layout.





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               Is it the  same font and font size in all the fields.  I tried to duplicate and the only way I could was if there was a different font with a different font size. If the fonts are the same then I would tried makeing a new field or copying one of the other fields then change it to the Job Number Field.

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                 I believe the answer lies within object "styles" that are applied when you use a theme.

                 Unfortunately, I don't know where to change it, or if you can. I was running into the same issue with objects copied from one layout with a them to another layout that was just basic formatting for printing.

                 The only fix I found was to remove the styles. This can be done either under the Edit menu "Remove Styles" or in the Appearance tab of the Inspector - at the top Style: click the [/] button on the right to remove all styles. 

                 Note that you may have to fix or put back some of your formatting after you do this.

                 Hope this helps!

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                   Select one of the inset fields and verify the indent and margin settings on the rulers (View>Rulers).

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                     possible solution is Inspector tab - see screenshot

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                       All of the indents are set to 0 and there are no tabs applied. The original poster said the same thing.

                       I am convinced that it is an inset setting in the CSS of the thems/styles. Note that in what I was seeing, it was not just side-to-side, but also the top and bottom had an inset applied. Once I did a "Remove Styles" then I was able to make my fields much smaller vertically.

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                         It appears to be directly related to themes. I can get round it by removing the styles applied to text and then manually restyling them.

                         Frustrating, but maybe a control could be added to a future version.