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    How to align text to center (TopBottom)



      How to align text to center (TopBottom)


      I have my text box. I go into format select the field and it is already aligned to Center and Center. I go to Browse and the text is closer to the top. Text is not alignable by UpDown when in Browse mode so I haven't messed it up that way. Why is my text not actually aligning Top to Bottom when it seems I have done so via Format / Align Text?

      Bonus question: I was trying to solve this and did ObjectInfo on the item and saw some anchors and unclicked them and had very odd behavior. Can anyone explain to me what these do or tell me what it is called so I can try to find help on it.


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          What version of FileMaker and on what platform? With Filemaker 11/Windows XP, I can place a field on the layout, select vertical centering on the appearance tab and that's what I get, the text is vertically centered.

          One possibility: Any chance you have entered a return into the field? That will create the appearance that the text is higher in the field when filemaker vertically centers the two lines of text, but the second line is invisible.

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            FMA9 although I own 11. On a mac. That's an excellent suggestion about the return but I have run into that before so no that is not what is happening.

            Okay think I figured one thing. When I make the text box as small as it will go vertically, then the text is off center. If the box is larger than it needs to be then the text is centered. Is there a way around this or am I stuck with having to use text boxes that are larger than the minimum?


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              I don't know. On my system, if I drag the selection handles to make the field as small as possible (I can use the inspector to make the field even smaller), the text appears correctly centered.

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                Well lucky you! lol

                Okay since you said that I experimented further. I am using a font "Minion" which is our brand font so there is great desire to use it. However if i copy the field and change it to Helvetica, it aligns properly. Any advice how to rein in a misbehavin' font? If not I can try to convince the boss to accept a non Brand font which he won't like but at least I have a work-around.

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                  Any chance there's something wrong with this font that needs to be corrected? If so, the font publisher should fix the issue.