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How to allow a user to access certain sorted records...Easy?

Question asked by cheathamtech on Feb 5, 2011
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How to allow a user to access certain sorted records...Easy?


Phil..  thanks for your reply to an earlier post..  I responded there, but I wasn't sure you'd see it so I've posting new as well....

I'm sure it's not as efficient as your approach, but I already have the records successfully showing the Week Choice (January 1-4), the Course Choice (Chemistry) and the Day of the Week (Tuesday).  All of those fields are in the same table called "Plans."

I have another table with the teachers' names.

It's been a struggle but I have FMP 11 able to make the records for teachers as they create lesson plans..

Now I need a way for a teacher to easily get back to the plans he has already created.

I tried the list view... and it seemed to work, but then when I tried to make it show just one teacher's group of plans it gave me only one column of info (a list of days of the week... very odd).  And I can find no way to get back to edit the summary, etc., parts of an existing layout...  Like the sort order, for example, how can I get back to that once I create the layout... very frustrating.  I have to start over with a brand new layout each time I want to tweak/test a layout.

I just want a teacher to hit a button, be taken to a layout with only his records, sorted first by week, then by course, then by day...  then I want him to be able to click on Week Seven's Chemistry lesson for Tuesday and be taken to that lesson plan...  Seems like it should be easy but it's a challenge I can't conquer..

Thanks Phil...  You've helped me many times when I meant to write a thank you and just didn't.  Please know I and I am sure many others appreciate the work you do...