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How to analyze file size

Question asked by guyscharf on Jul 29, 2014
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How to analyze file size


     My fmp12 file is larger than I would expect.  Is there any way to find out what is contributing most to the file size?  Or general guidelines on factors to consider in managing total file size?

     To be more specific, the project started with a 175KB Excel worksheet.  Importing the data into FMP and developing three tables and a few scripts and the FMP12 file was 500KB, which seemed reasonable to me.

     Now the file is almost 8MB.  Even saving a clone drops the file size only to 5.5 MB.  Where's all the extra space going?  Data volume has increased by only 5%.  There are now many more auxiliary tables, scripts, and layouts.  I have 14 tables in all, about 25 layouts, 40 scripts, 7 value lists (most are dynamic), and 6 small custom functions.  I have begun the process of separating the data from the UI, but it is the data file that is large (UI file is about half that size).

     The reason size matters is I was hoping to be able to send the file by email, and it is looks now like it will be too large for that.

     Thanks for any suggestions.