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how to assign a matching ID

Question asked by KBGF75 on Mar 22, 2009
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how to assign a matching ID


Beginner's question:

1. My FM7 file has two tables, Contacts and Donations. An additional table (volunteer events) is planned. Records in the two existing tables are related by ID fields: ContactID_pk in Contacts, ContactID_fk in Donations. These two fields have been populated with serialized ID numbers. Related Donation records appear in a portal in a Contacts table layout.


2. Creation of a new Contact record automatically assigns a unique serialized number to the ContactID_pk field.


3. I'm now stuck on how best to create a new Donation record. If I do so by selecting the donor's Contact record, then selecting the lowest (blank) line of the portal and entering the data, a new Donation record is created, the ContactID_pk value is automatically entered into ContactID_fk, and all is well. 


4. But, if I go to a Donations layout and select New Record from the Records menu, the new record's ContactID_fk field remains empty. I could manually enter the correct number in ContactID_fk, but that would make the process too vulnerable to human error. I want to make the process as idiot-proof as possible, ensuring matching IDs and eliminating the possibility of unrelated records floating around in the Donations table. 


5. Is there a way to prevent using Records/New Record to create a new Donations record, such that the user may only create a new record by going to a Contact record and entering data via the portal?  Is there a more sensible fix that ensures matching IDs?  Thanks in advance.