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How to assign functions to radio buttons..?

Question asked by hanstrager on Mar 14, 2013
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How to assign functions to radio buttons..?


     Im trying to make a small aplication to keep track of reciepts. Some times I have reciept in various currencies, i need to have converted into one currency so i can make full overviews of spending etc.

     sofar I've made:

     1 set of radiobuttons with the following value list:


     3 global fields called: ConversionDollar, ConversionEuro & ConversionPound

     1 number field called: TotalAmountReceipt

     1 calculation field called: TotalAmount


     What I can't figure out how to do, is when i put in the amount from my receipt in my field called "TotalAmount". I need to push one of the radiobuttons depending what currency is stated on the receipts and then based on one of my 3 currency conversions in my global fields, calculate how much the thing is in the field called "TotalAmount"

     Further more i want it to change the color of the text depending, if it's in dollar, euros or pounds.

     sofar i have the following calculation in my calculation field "TotalAmount":

     Case ( If (currency buttons = "Euros" ; TotalAmountReceipt * Globals::ConversionEuro) ;  If (currency buttons = "Dollars" ; TotalAmountReceipt * Globals::ConversionDollar) ; If (currency buttons = "Pounds" ; TotalAmountReceipt * Globals::ConversionPound) )

     for whatever reason only the pund button is working, and I'm not sure how to approach the differetent color challenge..? does anyone know if this is possible..?

     Help Please...