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How to auto populate a company and contact on an order ticket.

Question asked by Barry_1 on Mar 31, 2014
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How to auto populate a company and contact on an order ticket.


     I realize there are multiple issues below. If someone could help me identify where to start it would be greatly appreciated.


     I am trying to build a database to handle the orders for a company that makes signs.


     Each order may only have one company and one contact within that company.

     A company may have multiple orders.

     A company may have multiple contacts.


     I am using a pop-over window on the main order ticket layout so that all of the company/contact info can be entered but doesn't take up a lot of the screen space.

     I have the company name and contact name fields set up as drop-down lists that auto complete. However, I can't get the other information (address, phone, email etc.) to auto populate based on what is selected from those lists. I suspect it is because whenever I select "Company A" (from the field within the pop-over on the main order layout) it is creating a new record in my customers (companies) table with the same name. I don't know how to fix this.

     I should say that I need to be able to create new records in the company table with this field when we have a completely new customer.