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How to automatically leave some fields blank.

Question asked by HugoLidia on Dec 15, 2009
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How to automatically leave some fields blank.


Using Windows XP SP3 & FMP 10


The database and application being built is NOT fully relational. Due to the small size of all data any possible reduction in speed as an overhead will not be noticed.


As a result we have all policy records held in one policy table.  As such, if it is a car some fields must be completed e.g Breakdown Cover must be Yes or No, but if it is a dental policy then those fields can be left blank. 


I can see that at a field level on the table it can be stipulated/set up that the field is a required field, but then how do I allow these to be blank if the policy type does not require these to be filled.  I don't want the User to have to click on the dialog box to confirm that the field can be left blank.


Or, do I have to set a default value e.g. NO?