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How to autopopulate field in join table

Question asked by MichelleMedeiros on Jan 21, 2014
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How to autopopulate field in join table


My database background

     I've used databases i.e. added fields and designed queries for dBase and MS Access.

     This is my first experience designing a database. So far I've spent a week fumbling around with the design of a database in FileMaker.

     While there are posts in the forum that seemed to answer my question, I didn't understand the responses.


My Design Objective : Record which activities are attended by which contacts.

     Many activities and Many contacts are joined through a table called Who's involved.

     Many activities calculates an Activity ID = Title & Date & Time

     Many Contacts calculates a Contact ID = First Name & Last Name


My challenges:

     An Activity ID is calculated in Tutu's House Activities I would like the Activity ID to magically appear in the Who's Involved join table. The magic could happen once a month. Can this be done? How do I make it so?


     After the Who's involved table is autopopulated with Activity IDs for the month, the Activity ID will recur  in the Who's Involved Table because multiple Contact IDs will be associated with a unique Activity ID. Which is the best way to enter the recurring Activity ID: lookup value or copy/paste?