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How to avoid duplicates?

Question asked by carrie on Oct 16, 2008
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How to avoid duplicates?


Hi, sorry to bother!

I am making a database with 2 tables:

Call log & Cash orders

I need to be able to filter out the cash orders from all the calls in the call log and import them into my cash order table.  This I have done.

But... Every time I run my script to move my cash orders from my call log to the cash order table, I get duplicates starting from record 1.

How do I avoid this?  I've spent 3 days trying to avoid importing the cash orders I already imported the day before, I have tried all the help info, tutorials and KB articles but I cannot find a way to mark duplicates or avoid them all together.  I've tried making the mentioned scripts but they don't mark the duplicates as stated they should.

I'm confused and need to have this up and running w/o duplicates by tomorrow!

Please help?! 

Thanks a bunch!