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How to avoid input in Thai language in fields

Question asked by paolobkk on Jul 16, 2013
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How to avoid input in Thai language in fields


     Hi everyone,

     On a customer database there are 2 fields to specify The customer company name.

     1 in Thai language and 1 for English language.

     The Users are not really following this and I would like to create a script to check the input language.

     They mainly use the solution in IWP and I set up a page with global fields to create new customers.

     The creation page with global fields works as a "check". After they fill the form they click a Submit button to run a script and check that all fields have been filled. Then it will create a record and place the data in their real and final fields.

     I would like to add a language check to that submit button..


     I can't figure out how to create this check. Given that they must use only english alphabet and numbers to create the customer name, should I make something like:

IF (any letter in this field) ≠ a 

or (any letter in this field) ≠ b

or (any letter in this field) ≠ c....... 

     Any suggestion is appreciated.