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How to batch auto-increment a field?

Question asked by starstuff on Jul 6, 2015
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How to batch auto-increment a field?


Hi All,


im trying to auto-increment a field by 100, the records are based on notebooks with 100 pages sheet, these are the 100 auto-increment.


i have a tested looping it, but cant get the value right, it doesnt add up.


im using a global start and global end field for the count. 

example i set in the global start 1 and global end at 100


i will then run the script to create the new records, but i cant get it to work.


The script is

Set Variable [$start; Value: RECORD::g_start]

Set Variable [$end; Value: RECORD::g_end]


  Set Variable [$count; Value: $start + 1]

   New Record/Request

   Set Field [ RECORD::page_number ; $start - $count]

    Exit Loop If[ $count > $end]

End Loop


What is wrong with the script? im getting the loop, but it always with the same number


Thank you!