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How to best document a database?

Question asked by LeoB on Jan 16, 2010
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How to best document a database?


First -- I'm NOT a database professional.  I've got a death grip on reckless amateur status.


I've created a database to use in my work in FP10 with three tables, one very large table and two smaller supporting tables.  My design document was substantially changed as I learned things (mostly from this forum) and reduced the database from nine tables to three.


I've been trying to do documentation as I go along using paper, pencil, and a BIG eraser.  But, I'm not sure I'm capturing everything I should.  I'm not using anything fancy (yet) like script triggers, global fields, etc. 


I've searched this forum and other places for a good example of database documentation for FP10 or Access and found one or two, but those were for SQL databases.  I want to start converting the documentation into Word or Excel (any preference?), but it would make it easier if I formatted it halfway right from the beginning.


Any recommendations?