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How to calculate a field based on other "found" records

Question asked by scotthoffman on Dec 31, 2014
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How to calculate a field based on other "found" records



2 Tables - Main , Cart

Main::ID = Cart::ID

This is in a "store front" format for the web. User Creates Main::ID record, chooses item which adds a new record in Cart that is linked to Main. I have a field Cart::Item_ID that i want to calculate the ID based off of Main::ID & How many records there are for Main::ID..

So IF:

Main::ID = PSOL100    then    Cart::item_ID = PSOL100-1   or   PSOL100-2     if a record PSOL100-1    exists.

This would then start over at -1 for the next Main::ID record

So then the Invoice would show a Main::ID with sub records of Cart::item_ID which will then be barcodes for tracking throughout company.

Any thoughts, Questions...I'm horrible at explaining so bare with me..