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How to calculate an Applescript

Question asked by user21370 on May 13, 2009


How to calculate an Applescript


I want to use this Applescript to open the corresponding folder in the finder. A button in the layout triggers this script. First of I've pasted it in the native Applescript field and it works.


 tell application "Finder"



open folder "transportfm:90900-90999"

on error ErrMsg

display dialog ErrMsg

-- display dialog "Sorry, can't find the folder. " buttons "Ok" default button "Ok"

end try

end tell



Next step was to calculate the folder path in the script. I have a field in Filemaker which holds the path for each record.

I've pasted the Applescript in Calculate Applescript and replaced the path with the field in Filemaker.


BUT I get al sorts of errors (can't find field etc..)


I guess the notation of an Applescript in calculate field uses extra ( /[]/.'" etc ).  Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong??


Thank you!