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How to calculate subtotals from data entered into portals?

Question asked by pinchvalve on Oct 11, 2013
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How to calculate subtotals from data entered into portals?


     I have found MANY answers to this question, but none of them seem to work for my situation.  The screenshot shows my situation. 

     The "Quote" layout is based on the table <quote_main>.  Each quote has a an ID and some other relevent fields.  

     Each quote can contain multiple units, so on the left is a portal that displays information from the <units> table. This is a standard portal setup, linked back to the <quote_main> by the quote_ID.  

     Each unit is made up of several line items, each with a different price.  These are displayed on the portal on the right, based on a table called <line_items>.  This works by clicking the "select" button in the units portal, which changes the value of the field in the <Quote_Main> table to which the <line_item> table is related.  The portal on the right only shows what's related to the active unit, it is not filtered.  

     So the question is, how do I enter a field in one table, that goes out and adds up a defined set of fields in a second table?