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    How to calculate Sum like Excel



      How to calculate Sum like Excel


      am new user for fm11pro and learing little bit around linda essential training. after my learning curve i try to create my own simple expediture data base. but i dont know how to create the following equation like excel sheet. please help for growing eager developer.


      IN Excel :

      date discription expense income balance
      28-May-11 Kraft Slice Chease 24.00   -24.00
      28-May-11 Wheat Bread Pack 10.00   -34.00
      29-May-11 Pocket Money   500 466.00


      That is :  E2 = (E1-C2)+D2 

      Problem is in fm11 i dont know how to call previous field and record and how to implement this.


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          GetNthRecord can be used to access data from the previous record, but I prefer this approach which I've used for years with a debit, credit, running balance "ledger" system like this:

          Define a calculation field, cBal as:

          Income - Expense

          Then define a summary field, sBalance as the total of cBal and specify the running total option. cBal need not be placed anywhere on your layout and sBalance is the field you'd put in your "E" column position on a list or table view layout to get the desired result here.