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How to calculate Sum like Excel

Question asked by anbuchelvan on Sep 29, 2011
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How to calculate Sum like Excel


am new user for fm11pro and learing little bit around linda essential training. after my learning curve i try to create my own simple expediture data base. but i dont know how to create the following equation like excel sheet. please help for growing eager developer.


IN Excel :

date discription expense income balance
28-May-11 Kraft Slice Chease 24.00   -24.00
28-May-11 Wheat Bread Pack 10.00   -34.00
29-May-11 Pocket Money   500 466.00


That is :  E2 = (E1-C2)+D2 

Problem is in fm11 i dont know how to call previous field and record and how to implement this.