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    How to calculate the total of expenses?



      How to calculate the total of expenses?




      I have problem when I try to calculate the total of expenses. I got 2 table as below;


      Vot(vot_no, vot_amount)

      expenses(po_no, po_amount, po_cancel, total_expenses)


      Let say :

      user1 - po_amount is $200

      user2 - po_amount is $300


      I want total_expenses = $500


      So, what is the formula that i can use to calculate. I have try to use global variable, but when I try to deduct amount from po_cancel, the amount of total_expenses is still same, unchange.





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          Hi TQ


          If you want to see the total of all the found records then you can setup a Summary field that Total your po_amount field, so when creating a field specify the Type: as Summary, and create a second one for po_cancel and then a Calculation that Subtract one from the other.


            Sum_amount - Sum_cancel 


          If you are looking to show the total for a specific grouping, it will depend on how the two tables are linked and which one you are viewing the data from, but you can use the the Calculation Function Sum ( RELATED TABLE:: po_amout ) to total all the po_amount values in the related records, and again do the same for po_cancel if you want to desplay them seperate or subtract one from the other in the one calculation.


             Sum ( RELATED TABLE:: po_amout ) - Sum ( RELATED TABLE:: po_cancel )


          I hope this makes sense and helps. 

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               Thanks, I got it.