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how to calculate time in a portal

Question asked by gasolineman on Apr 25, 2011
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how to calculate time in a portal


so i have a record for today, inside that record i have a portal with rows that include a related table and a field for Time In that is inserted into the field when a action button is clicked in the row.  i have a second button that is clicked that inserts a Time Out.  both of these work fine.  i have a third calculation field that is supposed to subtract the two fields to give me a total time spent doing a particular task.  in a non portal environment it works just fine, but in the portal the calculation field wont work.  

the portal data comes from the a Data table and the record comes from a Records table.  the two tables are related by the date.

the calculation is simply the Time Out - Time In resulting in a number.  the field is blank in the portal.  it usually does the calculation and works fine when not in the portal.