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How to carry on serial numbers on import

Question asked by vanmi128 on Oct 18, 2009
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How to carry on serial numbers on import


This should be easy, but I can't get it to work.  I have a database of encounters with animals.  I've got a number field called "encounter number" which I have set up to automatically enter a serial number by an increment of 1.  New encounter records are added to my database by importing multiple records from an excel worksheet.  When I import new encounters I would like my "encounter number" field to automatically enter the 'next' number (e.g. if I have 420 encounters in my filemaker database and I import 2 new encounters, the encounter numbers 421 and 422 should automatically enter), but it keeps starting back at number 1 and incrementing from there.  In the field options I have tried changing the 'next value' that the serial number should enter, and I have tried specifying that it should be a 'unique value', but the encounter number of new imported records still keep restarting at number 1.

I am using FileMaker 10 (windows).