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How to cary over numbers from a table to a cross tab report.

Question asked by hanstrager on Feb 3, 2014
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How to cary over numbers from a table to a cross tab report.


     I’m trying to learn a bit of filemaker.

     I’ve created a database to keep track of the ins and outs of a small sports club (I’ve got a bit of help here I’ve done it so all receipts are being locked by date, season (spring 13, winter 13, spring 14, winter 14…) category (travel, equipment etc…) a radio button set to say whether the receipt was paid by the club or by another source (donations).

     So far I’ve made a cross tab report where all expenses are divided by season and then by category.


     My main table is called Transaction, which I’ve made a duplicate of called Transaction| sameseason

     Then I’ve made a relation between Transaction::season and Transaction| sameseason::season

     Then I’ve made a summary field called summaryTotalAmount which gives me the summary of the field called ‘net amount’

     Then I’ve made a new layout based on Transaction.

     Here I’ve changed the body part to a sub summary set to be sorted by ‘season’

     Then I’ve placed a portal onto the layout where I’ve put transaction|sameseason:: summaryTotalAmount.

     Then I’ve Specified the filter portal records fx. For travel expenses as: Transactions|SameSeason::CATEGORY ="Travel"

     Have then done this for all categories.

     This now gives me the break down of all expenses in the differnet categories pr. Season - which is great.


     The only thing now is I want to use this info to make an average of how much is spend on each member versus an average of how much each member is paying back to the club.


     I’ve made another table called members with 3 fields called ‘members’ (amount of members and ‘income’ for total income, and the 3rd for season.

     My question is how do I carry the amount of members and Income over into my cross tab report, so they’re pu into the right season and so I can use the amount of members with the generated numbers in my cross tab to get an average of how much has been spend on average pr. Member and how much has come in on average pr. Member..?