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    How to Change a Script Parameter



      How to Change a Script Parameter


      When running my script debugger, I see this in the Call Stack area:

      Column Action (PineLake.fp7 , Parameter: Theme:FilterAction)

      The underlined 'Theme' is the incorrect table. 

      How do I change this?

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          Script parameters are passed from the object that uses perform Script to execute the script.

          If it's a button click that performed the script, open up button setup, click Specify to get the dialog where you select the script to be performed and you'll find an optional script parameter box where a value or an expression has been entered to feed a script parameter to the script.

          If another script performed this script, you'll find the same dialog when you double click the perform script step.

          And script triggers will have the same dialog for specifying the script to be performed.