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    How to change database title name



      How to change database title name


      I created a database called "abc" and duplicated it. Need to change the name "abc" in the duplicated database to "def". Currently "abc" shows up as the name in each copy. (possible solution suggested that the "abc" name could be changed from the managed scripts) I could not locate such a script.


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          The File has the name as well as the first table.  I do not think (without looking) that the layouts carry the name.

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            The database file, the first table defined in that file and the first window to be opened all get the same name as that of the file's name at the time that the table was defined. Each time that you create a new table in FileMaker, FileMaker usually creates a table occurrence and a layout with the same name.

            If you rename the file, the window name will change but the other objects will retain their original names. (Unless there is a script that renames the window.)

            You can create a script that renames the window if that is something that you want to do.

            The script step is named Set Window Title, this is not a script you find in Manage Scripts but a script step that you can include in a script that you create from within Manage | Scripts.