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    How to change the Field Picker Size?



      How to change the Field Picker Size?


      Here's a simple question.

      When using the new field picker, I don't see how to adjust the width.

      I have lots of fields that are very similar.

      Hopefully, I'm just missing something very basic, but if the field picker can't be resized, then it's about as useful as the "data viewer" (not very) and other controls that, for no good reason that I can see, are stuck at the relative screen proportions as the FMP developers "thought they should be".

      Need to be able to adjust windows and relative proportions if they're windows with more than one pane.


      Thanks in advance.


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          The width cannot be changed and you are not the first to note this limitation and request a change.

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            What a ridiculous design oversight!

            Who exactly at FileMaker is evaluating "User Goals"? An entire team of people had to approve, or perhaps worse yet, miss, this ridiculous limitation.

            I think the entire FMP team should read "About Face" (The essentials of interface design) by Alan Cooper.

            Just mind boggling.

            This huge oversight should be fixed in the next point release of 13.

            (Oh, and PLEASE fix the same ridiculous oversight in the data viewer - be able to resize window panes!)


            I was, of course, hoping I was wrong and there was some trick to be able to adjust the window for larger fields.

            Thanks for your reply.

            - m

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              It hasn't been a major problem for me as I don't use such long nearly identical field names. Some resizing is possible inside the data viewer.

              But if you want FileMaker Inc. Personnel to see your feed back, I suggest using: http://www.filemaker.com/company/contact/feature_request.html

              Note if you have a set of fields named:


              It would seem that you have a less than optimum data model. (But this may not be what you are doing....)

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                Hey Phil,

                The basic point with field names is that I'm not going to let a FMP product (Field Picker, in this case) oversight affect how I name fields. Maybe they're waiting to announce a "brand new feature" in 14 where you can grow the field picker dialog. Imagine that! Where do I pay? (NOT)

                As far as making a suggestion to FMP, I'm a bit worn down by the lack of FMP progress on things I've already reported. For example, I reported, quite a while back, a JDBC bug. They acknowledged my email and said it was sent to development. Nothing since. No point release.

                Then, there's the crazy FMP thing where it keeps asking you if you want to allow connections. FMP acknowledged the problem. But, again, nothing has happened in quite some time.

                The data viewer is a sore point with me.

                Then there's the crazy SQL design flaw or limitation where you can't have expressions in the GROUP BY. This problem alone almost made me delete the FMP program off my computer.

                (don't get me started on server and, IMHO, the ridiculous concurrency pricing "model" ($$$).)

                Nope, I'll just sit this one out.

                No sense of urgency with FMP for its users, clearly.

                Appreciate as always your replies. :)

                - m


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                  All software has bugs and limitations. As a user, you have a very short list of what you can do when your project encounters one:

                  Send feed back to the publisher (which you have not yet done with this particular issue)
                  Figure out how to work around the limitation/bug
                  Find a different software product that does what you want.

                  We can all (and should) complain about FileMaker's shortcomings (see my "wishlist" post to feedback: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/56b3613440 ) but it takes time and $$$ to correct, test and deploy an update to correct an issue. Whether FileMaker Inc. chooses to spend resources on correcting any particular issue is not a simple decision and one for which a single customer has very little influence and thus I point out the options in the list above...

                  As a fellow user of this product, I find long field names cumbersome, so don't use them and thus have not had a major problem with this issue, though I have pointed out to FMP inc that they need to update a number of dialogs to adjust for long field references (which can include very long table occurrence names).

                  The Data Viewer, BTW, CAN be adjusted for longer field names, but I seem to recall a complaint about the fact the the evaluate pane only shows three rows of text and then you have to scroll to see additional values so I can guess that this is the source of your complaint on the Data Viewer. That is to me a minor annoyance, but you are fully free to disagree! Likewise, while it would be nice to be able to group on an a calculated value, responses to your posts on that subject have included info on how to work around such a limitation...

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                    Thanks Phil.

                    With the data viewer, I'm really referring to the "Watch" window where the panes are not resizable. As far as I can see, you can't change fonts either.

                    Also a reminder to your point on the SQL Group by issue, I spent several hours trying to, per my other post, create "helper" fields for FMP's limitation with SQL. I could get, as I wrote, the first helper field to work, but not the others I needed that referred to the first helper field. As I wrote the query took 2 minutes in MySQL, but I did want it to work in FMP. 

                    I do really like FMP, and have been using it for five years now, but am baffled by the glacial pace of updates to acknowledged bugs.

                    Based on the server pricing, and these other frustrations, however, I'm now just using FMP locally for existing FMP projects and no longer consider it for any new projects.

                    - m