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How to clean text and format during or after import

Question asked by MacDevGuy on Feb 21, 2015
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How to clean text and format during or after import



I have a text file which is a log from TeamViewer. The log lists the sessions by client number "757123456" (which is usually maintained for the client but sometimes changes), start and end times as "DD-MM-YYYY<sp> HH:MM:SS" and a session id number as "{D44E5CD7-30F6-762B-A331-9B72031CB247}"

So a single entry would look something like this:

(The header is mine...)
Client ID               Sessoin Start                   Session End               admin    Type of session      Session ID
757123456          20-02-2015 10:25:22       21-02-2015 00:09:10  Billy   RemoteControl         {D44E5CD7-30F6-762B-A331-9B72031CB247}

The information is separated with spaces and as you can see the dates and times are combined for start and end time. What I want to do is strip the spaces and substitute them for tabs. I also want to (or maybe I should say I *may* need to) separate the date and times with the intent to write a calculation which gives me the elapsed time for the session.

So how do I deal with this? Can I import it into a container then use a calc to clean it and call a script to insert the resulting field data into their respective fields?