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How to color active row's datas ?

Question asked by Fred(CH) on May 1, 2014
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How to color active row's datas ?


     Hello there,

     With the new FileMaker 13, it is now easy to indicate clearly where is the active row in a list view, using the new state "Active", on the style appearance of body part.

     But if you chose for instance a dark or contrast fill color, it would be nice to also change the font color of the fields inside the body part.

     It can seem obvious to use conditional formatting to do that. But i cannot find the appropriate formula.

     I tried different combinations like for instance, placed a {{RecordNumber}} named "ObjectName" on footer, that return correct result and compare it using Get (RecordNumber) = GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "ObjectName" ; "Content" ) on conditional formatting formula, but with always the same results. That is, all records return true, and all rows being colored.

     It sounds like conditional formatting is not the correct way to do that. Do you know another way, reliable and elegant ?

     For example, on the screenshot below, how to define "white" and "bold" for display data of active row ?

     Thanks in advance...

     Bye, Fred