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How to combine two layouts (reports) to print out onto one sheet of paper

Question asked by JaneHartway on May 23, 2014
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How to combine two layouts (reports) to print out onto one sheet of paper



     I work for a preschool and we produce parent-teacher conference reports for our families every year.  We had a database designed and created by a developer 15 years ago that our teachers enter their data into for generating a four page school report.  It is on two legal (8.5 x 14) sheets of paper, printed front and back so when you fold it in half, it makes a four page report.

     The problem we have is this:  The front page (pages one and four) are in one layout and pages two and four are in another layout.  When we print reports for a classroom we have to print one side and then take them out of the printer, reorder the copies and put it back in the printer and print the second layout for the other two pages.   So, it becomes a major hassle when it is time to print out 350 reports.  Fifteen years ago, it wasn't as big a deal because the school was much smaller.

     So, I am looking at the file and viewing the layouts and wondering what I can do....  We would really like to make doublesided copies of these reports without reshuffling the copies to make the back side of the report match the front regarding the student order and to get the second side printed by reloading the copies back into the printer paper tray.

     Suggestions?  Ideas?  I can email you the file with no data in it if that can help show you what I am working with.

     Thank You,

     Jane Hartway