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how to configure container fields when peer to peer sharing

Question asked by neilmccrossen on May 29, 2015
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how to configure container fields when peer to peer sharing


We have two Macs.  One is running FMPro adv v14 .  this machine is acting as a host and I use this on a day to day basis.  We have another mac which we are running fmpro v14 on and this is connecting to the host.




The problem we have is with container fields.  We are using the container fields to store references to files.  The host can see any files stores in the container fields but the client can't see the files.

I have setup a shared volume so the client can see the files stored on the host machine.

However if a file is stored in a container by the client, the host can't see it and if the host stores the file the client can't see it.

It would appear to be some kind of problem with directory paths stored in the container field.

I have tried mounting the file directory on the host machine so both the client and host have the same directory path but i find that the host can't mount a volume on its own disk.

I have also read that we shouldn't be sharing folders while running filemaker.  Is this true?

From my reading, i fear we will need two more machines, one to run the fmpro on, one to act as a file store and then two client machines.  This seems completely unnecessary when all we want to do is share a database between two computers.


We have used filemaker for many years and are just branching out into having a single client.  However it seems extremely complicated just to get one client to access referenced container files on the host computer.  Can anyone help??